Welcome to Ace My Course, home of “Top In The State of Texas” tutors

We strive to help you succeed as you, and your success are our priorities. We are proud to focus on the “roots” of your struggle, “getting to the bottom of it,” to help you make more progress in the limited time. Why pay for so many hours of tutoring on stuff you already know?

We will assess you on the first day, determine your learning style and weakness(es). Don’t repair a tower when it has a crumbling foundation. Repair the foundation. That is our way at least.

Many are not aware that schools use teaching methods that are fit for the majority, or as they call it “one fits all” concept. Too many times, children struggle because the wrong teaching method is used making the simple, easy to understand, in what could even be their strongest area, seem  foreign. For children to learn, the right teaching method must be used. Teaching a Spanish speaker in English makes no sense or progress. Why pay someone to do that? By assessing, determining your learning style, and using it to teach, we are teaching in your language.

Don’t believe it is that simple? Call us! We will assess you on the first day, determine your learning style, and exactly where you fall short. Schedule an appointment today to get started, and see for yourself!

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